Essay On Empathic Listening

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Writing The Body Of A Research Paper - Essay On Empathic Listening

…still leaves you with the option of saying more about the matter being discussed.Listening is an art and there are very few fixed rules.Pay attention to whether the person speaking accepts your summary by saying things such as “yeah!The effect of this is, let us say, that John feels that any acknowledgment of Fred’s experience implies agreement and approval, therefore John will not acknowledge of Fred’s experience.Fred tries harder to be heard and John tries harder not to hear.In courts and debates, each side tries to make its own points and listens to the other side only to tear down the other side’s points.Since the debaters and attorneys rarely have to reach agreement or get anything done together, it doesn’t seem to matter how much ill will their conversational style generates.Listening responsively is always worthwhile as a way of letting people know that you care about them.Our conversation partners do not automatically know how well we have understood them, and they may not be very good at asking for confirmation.But your doctor says your bones won’t heal unless you stay put for another week.” Acknowledging another person’s thoughts and feelings……still leaves you the option of agreeing or disagreeing with that person’s point of view, actions or way of experiencing.


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