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To say that the industrial revolution changed the very course of human history would not be an exaggeration.

Some grounds, on which computer was developed, were the necessity for broad and easily accessible knowledge, system control, and means of organizing tasks and duties, to increase productivity and save valuable working hours.

In previous years, knowledge was solely obtainable through local, public and academic libraries and was, thus, limited and dependent on the quality and quantity these libraries had to offer.

Its technology has invaded all aspects of life, spanning from economic and business procedures to simple day to day interaction.

Global economies are now computer-based, and companies, of all different scales, base their progress and viability on the effective use of computers. Instant communication via emails and chat rooms, makes sharing ideas and information possible, as never before.

In conclusion, computers have a profound effect on modern life with the business sector and communication being the ones influenced the most.

As their advancement continues, so is their influence expected to extend.With Changes in manufacturing, transport, technology, there was a profound consequence on the social economics and cultural conditions.The urban population radically increased, with cities alike multiplying in size and number.The Industrial Revolution is an epochal event in the history of mankind; just as renaissance allowed our creativity to bloom with respect to art and architecture, the industrial revolution which started around 1700’s in England, forever changed the way we viewed the world.It was during this time that new methodologies in manufacturing, agriculture were introduced and it is also during this very same period that saw a sharp increase in both patents and inventions.The consequences for these new expanding cities was massive overcrowding.Factory owners were required to provide a large quantity of cheap houses, resulting in densely packedterraces, constructed to a low standard.Moreover, and even when this knowledge was both sufficient and qualitative, its interpretation and exploitation were so complex and time consuming, that yet again the need of an information processing tool, was apparent.Lengthy, intricate, financial management and business organization procedures demanded an efficient apparatus, to simplify daily work load. Since its birth, computer has had massive impact, on the way world is perceived.Question 1: Consider the impact of the Industrial Revolution on nineteenth century architecture.Your answer should explore the way in which buildings could be constructed, as well as the new demands being made upon architecture.


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