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The doctors monitored the prisoner’s physical and psychological responses as they slowly and painfully succumbed to their demise.

As many as two hundred patients were tested on, and around eighty died on the spot. (The Experiments, Josef Mengele and The Medical Experiments) The experiments to test the effectiveness of sulfanilamide and other drugs against infection for the purpose of helping the German Army were performed since many front line soldiers suffered from persistent and deadly gangrene.

Doctors would inflict battlefield-like wounds in prisoners.

The Experiments) In order to find the best way to save German pilots when they were forced to eject from their fighter planes at high altitude, they conducted experiments in which prisoners would be placed in chambers with a low pressure atmosphere.

This was to simulate the altitudes, as high as 70,000 feet.

These experiments, no matter which one, were cruel and inhumane.

Nazi doctors would experiment on prisoners without caring about the welfare of their patient.All restrictions were gone, and these doctors could do whatever they wanted.Many of these prisoners endured pain, and agony, to further the Nazi doctor’s research.Since the infection would become so deadly, many prisoners died. (Josef Mengele and The Medical Experiments,, The Experiments) Seawater experiments were conducted to find out how to make seawater drinkable. Hans Eppinger, and other doctors, at the concentration camp located in Dachau conducted these experiments.They forced about ninety Gypsies to drink seawater only, while being deprived of food.Obviously since the salt content of the water causes the body to retain more salt, and lose more water, which is why seawater is undrinkable, these experiments caused serious bodily injury, major dehydration, and an enormous amounts of pain and suffering.(Josef Mengele) Many of those who were experimented on were children. However, even being treated slightly better, the excruciating pain and death from the experiments were inevitable.(Josef Mengele) The most important goal of the Nazis was to create the master race of the Aryans.They would then rub glass, wood, metal, and bacteria into the wound, resulting in infection.Blood vessels were tied with a tourniquet to simulate what would actually happen to an actual war wound on the front lines.


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