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Corruption by BIA leaders and agents further resulted in the destruction of the Indian lifestyle. Sheridan, and George Custer, these “Buffalo Soldiers” advanced confidently and repeatedly against Indian tribes. One such battle was the Sand Creek Massacre, which occurred in Colorado in 1864.Many agents were paid to look the other way as white men took land and game that rightfully belonged to the Indians. Although some battles against Indians were brutal on both sides, other conflicts were nothing but displays of dominance by U. At that time, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes inhabited the Sand Creek region after being forcibly relocated there due to the gold rush in 1861.

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Only the males from the tribe were entrusted with governance responsibilities, and the men also provided food, shelter, and safety, while the women assumed domestic roles. Men and women rarely married outside their tribe, and it was unusual for two tribes to work in cooperation.

Young male tribe members were warriors who competed with warriors from other tribes for superiority, often in bloody battles.

The federal government established the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in 1836 to be in charge of the relocated Indians.

Illustrating the government’s sentiment toward Indians, this bureau was initially placed under the Department of War, and one of its primary responsibilities was to prevent Indian military action against whites.

Tribes were divided into “bands,” with each band containing around 500 members, including men, women, and children.

A governing council for each band, along with the tribal chief, served as the authority for members of the tribe.Prior to white settlement, Indian tribes stretched from coast to coast across North America.Spanish explorers introduced horses to the Plains Indians during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which allowed the Indians to cover ground more rapidly and made them nomadic, able to follow their main source of food, clothing, and shelter—the buffalo—along its migratory path.European immigrants are credited for “civilizing” the United States, but prior to their arrival America had long been inhabited by tribes of indigenous people.In the fifteenth century, when Christopher Columbus landed in what he presumed was the Indies, he began calling these inhabitants “Indians,” a label that would last centuries until the modern term “Native Americans” came into use.This flawed federal aid program furthered the Indians’ resentment toward white society and created an atmosphere of conflict. territories from Indians was predominantly fought by Civil War veterans, including a significant number of black men who were assigned to a fighting group called the Buffalo Regiment. Miners overtook their area and pushed the tribes into a desolate locale. Chivington ordered his troops to slaughter the Indian men, women, and children to flaunt their dominance over the natives.Warfare was constant between whites and Indians in the late nineteenth century, as Native Americans fought to protect their land and their heritage from white encroachment. As the dust settled from the Civil War, soldiers from both sides of that conflict were ready to step into another fray. The approximately 400 Indians living in this area believed they had been granted immunity and protective custody by the United States government when Colonel J. The gold rush also led to another legendary conflict.The well-armed Indians attacked Custer and his men without mercy.In a two-hour battle, Crazy Horse’s 2,500 warriors massacred Custer and his 264 men.Indians were divided into tribes, or small societies.A chief served as the religious, moral, and political leader of each tribe.


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