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As the banking, communicating, and social networking industries are evolving and becoming more complex, the paper used has started to become more irrelevant (Kohl 5).

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Office workers, who before the advent of the computer relied entirely on typewriters, paper filing systems, and printed documents, could now create, store, and share information using computers.

There would be no need to print out documents, because they would be always conveniently available for view using any available computer It would seem reasonable to expect that as computer technology improves and becomes more accepted and integrated into the activities of the home and office, that the need for paper would correspondingly lessen.

The only problem is that there is a possibility of the paper getting wet, or someone else losing the information. Society may never become paperless but society will continue to advance technology to become closer and closer.

Without the organization of computers files would always be lost or ruined particularly in file cabinets (22). The information is filed on the computer and if deleted there is a recycle bin (21). (Modern Language Assoc.) Works Cited Booth, Mal, Sally Schofield, and Belinda Tiffen.

The Paperless Office and the Paperless Society Will Never Happen With the widespread introduction of computer terminals into offices, and the growing popularity of the personal computer, futurists and computer proponents envisioned the arrival of the “paperless office”.

They predicted that in the near future, virtually all paper consumed in offices would be replaced by electronic, computer based mediums.

As a leading digital signature technology company that helps other businesses “go green,” we celebrate World Environment Day today and every day.

We also hope to educate others about our environment, so here are some facts you should know: Despite modern society’s affinity for digital life, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to reducing paper waste and conserving our natural resources.


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