Essay On Rainy Day In English

Essay On Rainy Day In English-17
I had hardly covered half the distance to my friend’s house on my cycle when surprisingly, I noticed a sudden change in the weather.Just out-of-now here clouds covered the sky and the bright day turned to a cool evening. It is exhilarating to watch pouring rain and to run about in it.

Within few seconds there were big drops of rain followed by a thick shower.

This unexpected change in the weather created confusion as people ran here and there to take shelter.

Otherwise they sat close to another, in a corner, to protect themselves from the cruel blasts of the cold wind.

They gathered around the fire, if they could find it anywhere.

Rainy Day Paragraph: On a rainy day it rains all day long.

The cattle keep standing in their sheds and bellow for fodder. Not one minded the inconvenience of wet umbrellas, soaking shoes and wet clothes. The sound of falling rain was pleasing to the ears. But soon I was happy to return home and change wet clothes. The street urchins were having a great time playing in the streets, floating boats on the sides of the roads where water was flowing fast. Primary class children were playing with boats in the pool which serves our center court. The plight of bus travelers was of course pitiable. It may be quite pleasant to take a brisk walk in the rain, nobody likes standing in the queue in wet clothes with the drops from other persons’ umbrellas dropping down the back with cold clammy frequency. Almost everybody was looking out and watching rain every now and then. It was rejuvenating to feel the cool breeze and experience a change in the weather.Nature seemed to come alive with the rain drops falling continuously from the sky. While in my car waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I could see people scurrying about with umbrellas and raincoats.In whole, nature had adorned itself with fresh beauty. I realised this when I saw all the roads, streets and lanes covered with mud.Water collected in holes and small pools of water appeared everywhere. On reaching my friend’s house I found him hanging out on the roof. I joined him and we both laughed at each other’s condition.Children moved out on the streets almost shrieking in laughter.They sailed their paper boats in the flowing rain water. The grass and leaves on the plants and trees which looked withered in the heat of the summer shone with new life. A few birds sat on the electricity and telephone wires chirruping and preening their feathers.


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