Essay On Superstitions And Science

Essay On Superstitions And Science-69
Early humans had no explanation for celestial occurrences like lunar and solar eclipse, giving birth to irrelevant mythological explanations.

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It is an ongoing process of observation, experiment and research to satisfy human’s inquisitiveness on a particular subject and to find out new ways for improvement.

Evolution of Science “Evolution of science” is a misleading statement as science was there even before the evolution of life on Earth.

The topic is always vague when it comes to contrasting the natural to the supernatural.

This essay can’t end up being factual since that might affect the unbiased approach of writing.

You can begin to give an explanation towards superstitions as to how people’s faith end up indulging in superstitious making them cautious of daily activities.

Give examples of common notions in different cultures like a black cat, sneezing before leaving, fear of number 13, or knocking on wood for good luck.Pyramids stand as testimony to their highly developed mathematical skills.During 1650 BCE they have developed methods for calculating area as well as solving algebraic equations of the first degree.Anything that we see or use has a scientific angle involved.Science is behind every invention and has an explanation for everything living or non living.A long essay on science is given below describing science in detail.You can have a look on this science essay to get help in your study: Introduction Word science is derived from the Latin word Scientia meaning “Knowledge”.In India some aspects of astronomical science are found in the Vedas (composed between 1500 to 1000 BCE), where the division of year into months, six seasons of the year and respective positions of celestial bodies were observed and documented.Likewise many civilizations around the world made their respective progresses in the field of science- China developed geometry for calculating areas and algebra was imported from India.Conclude by suggesting the idea of luck and how people believe these superstitions can change the course of events in their future.Give a couple of validating statements like how superstitions are traversed through generations and people blindly believe in things propagated in their family, society, culture, or even religion.


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