Essay On Urban Life Vs Rural Life

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Most of the food available in the rural areas can not be transferred to the urban areas because they are perishable.

Since there is no pollution in the rural areas and the food available is fresh and hygienic therefore rural areas have fewer diseases and people are very healthy.

Major thesis statements: 1) In terms of lifestyle, urban areas are more favorable for work and professional progress, whereas small towns offer exciting leisure opportunities and relaxation.

2) Urban lifestyle is more nervous and costly, whereas rural dwellers learn to be content with uncomplicated daily joys.

In rural areas there is a variety of food such as meat, butter, milk, fresh vegetable, fruits etc.

The taste and quality of this food is far better than that of urban food.

On the other hand in urban areas due to pollution, unhygienic food, crowding etc the diseases are increasing rapidly. This creates various problems such as difficulties in finding residential houses, diseases, crimes, pollution, difficulties in transport etc.

Contrary, in rural areas the number of people is very small as compared to the urban areas.

3) Nowadays, some city dwellers decide on moving to suburban or rural areas for different reasons: child upbringing, health problems or their interest in certain areas for business purposes.

Primary issues to discuss: 1) Urban/rural lifestyles and spirituality.


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