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I think it's doubtful that someone marking it would be pedantic enough to pick up on that if you wrote a good answer that tackled the question.

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That is usually the easiest way to answer those types of questions of course and that's also usually the best thing to do if your writing skills are not so good.

Personally, if someone wants a higher score, say band 7 and above and they have better writing skills I will advise to discuss both sides just because it will look like a more sophisticated answer and so could potentially make a better impression on the examiner for things such as Task Response.

Also, they eliminate the need to call and inform hundreds of people when something important occurs in your life.

You only have to post it on your social profile and everyone in your circle of friends is automatically informed.

But as I say, there is nothing in the marking that actually says you must look at both sides, so you don't have to.

That's very basically what you would do, but you can still put your opinion in both the introduction and conclusion. Awesome post If I completely agree or disagree on the statement, how many points must I explain in 100% agree or disagree essay on main body? Or can I add linking words like 'furthermore', 'in addition' and add another idea in one paragraph?by Stavros In an essay about "If mothers have to get salary from government" It was an 'agree/disagree' question. But I approached the theme as partially agreeing from both sides. to my knowledge, you can convert agree/disagree into discuss both view but make sure that you have a clear thesis.In this case my suggested thesis could be "I believe it is better for mother to receive financial support from both sides". Hi Shaon, If you read them exactly as they are, you could say that.To minimize their possible negative impacts, their use should be kept minimal and these sites should not be allowed to take precedence over face to face or other forms of interaction between individuals. You can completely agree or disagree (making sure of course you state clearly that you 100% agree or disagree).But I would not worry about the difference too much and approach them in the same way - agreeing, disagreeing, or partly agreeing/disagreeing and examining both sides.If someone asked you whether you agreed or disagreed with a point, there is no reason why you could not say - well actually I partly agree.STRONGLY: for this, you have to write more reasons for agreement than disagreement. Having one controlling idea for each body paragraph is important though.I'd really recommend you look through the model essays. Many people from different countries are coming to our world to see our historical events. Tourist are visiting our country to see the different tourist places by doing this our economy is increasing.You can of course 100% agree or disagree with one side and still consider the other side i.e.present someone else's views that are not the same as yours.


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