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They noted that nonviolence is not only a method but a way of life, a way to protect and care for the conditions of life for today and tomorrow.“Our conversations on nonviolence and peace filled our hearts and minds with a consideration of the dignity of each person – young people, women and men, people who are impoverished, citizens and leaders,” said Mons. “Nonviolence and peace call us to a conversion to receive and to give, to gather and to hope.” “Pax Christi International deeply appreciates the support and participation of the Dicastery in this workshop, which has been a significant and positive step in the work of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative,” said Marie Dennis, Co-president of Pax Christi International.From the right, nonviolence is seen as weak, emasculated nationalism.

Moreover, graphic accounts of the brutal beating of unarmed protestors circulated in the global media, turning public opinion against the British and bringing Gandhi and satyagraha to the world’s attention.

Gandhi began to experiment with a novel form of political action, which he termed satyagraha.

He asked Indians to boycott foreign cloth and withdraw from state offices and schools in order to disrupt the everyday machinery of government and expose the fragility of British claims to authority.

Its aim was not just to pressure the state but to move political opponents to rethink their positions and commitments.

And to do that, Gandhi believed that protestors had to display and demonstrate disciplined fearlessness and a willingness to sacrifice.


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