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The paper will look at the instances where the community commits actions that are by far seen to be in just under the presence that they are committing a good cause.

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In the society, there are many contraptions of justice.

The people that assume that they are acting in the interests of justice often represent other interests that are not related to justice in any way (Plato. This approach to justice means that the society’s definition of justice is not really representative of the real ideals of justice on the other hand, the justice as it is commonly known is a contraption and a vague mirage made to distort and camouflage the interests of the dominant powers.

When it comes to this point, the definitions of the actual means of justice fail.

The injustice that is committed behind this smoke screen always ends up replicating in the future since the only possible product of injustice is injustice.

Behind the pleasant smiles of the politicians and the promises of doing something on the drug, issue on the street there is many personal interests involved.

The very act of cleaning the streets as a means of improving the street is representative of the different conflicting interests of the powerful members of the society.

In most of the cases, the coinciding of the interests of the parties involved does not take place until the reelections.

At this point, the administration is seen making effort towards the eradication of the practice yet the option was on the table all through.

The approaches that the police use when dealing with the drug users and the peddlers are often seen to be brutal and inhuman in most of the instances.

These approaches end up hurting the people that are supposed to be rehabilitated into better citizens.


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