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In addition to feeling outside of the majority community because of my race, I sometimes feel less accepted by the black community because of my color.

But being fair-skinned and having long hair presents a second and perhaps more ironic struggle.

Even though I have my own obstacles with color prejudice, I know I will never have to brave the pain that my ancestors endured to be accepted into the majority society.

I find it ironic, however, that my greater struggle has been, not to be considered equal to the majority society, but rather to be included by the Black American community.

As a result, blacks in America have spent years creating a black community and culture.

Since the black community is loosely defined and always evolving, recognition often depends on physical characteristics and proximity to stereotypes perpetuated in the media.

Jane Austen criticizes the nature of the England society in the 18th century in his piece Pride and prejudice.

Criticism is a major issue in the story and its characters.

In the novel, Jane portrays it as “pride and prejudice.” The Protagonist character the definition of pride and how vanity is coming out.

After that, the self-knowledge virtue comes in and intervenes.


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