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We have to be ready to rally against bias on our campuses and in favor of programs that support a diverse population and inclusive environment.

Those goals are even more important after this election.

There has been sadness, disappointment and anger -- all expected after a political defeat.

But it has gone further; we have not just experienced loss but have been at a loss. Here are some steps to consider: Staying the course and changing our ways on each campus.

Given the potential denigrations of so many of our values -- diversity, inclusion and intellectual excellence, to name only a few -- how should we think about our work as leaders in higher education in the future? Regardless of the election results, our responsibility as higher education leaders has not changed.

We must keep envisioning a world in which higher education is part of creating a fairer and better place for all of us.

We may expect stronger opposition to many of the ideas and activities we have been working for, but that cannot change our goals.

Right now, we need to stay focused on our work and the people who depend on us.

They -- and others involved in related campaigns addressing long-term disparities in treatment because of race, class, religion, sexuality and gender -- have been living with this angry pushback for too long. But the advocates of those movements have also been asking for comprehensive structural solutions.

Leaders from every part of the campus must forge connections that support our shared work and then move forward with changing our institutions.


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