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He designs modest houses to be made of steel plate as thick as your finger and concrete you could sharpen a knife on.

He designs modest houses to be made of steel plate as thick as your finger and concrete you could sharpen a knife on.The physical immediacy of his buildings is like biting into a lemon.For generations, the family of Lemuel Fox tilled an east-facing hillside in the Shenandoah Mountains and grew corn there. Few of us can have a final resting site so personal and grounded as Lemuel Fox.

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One can bicycle through London on a Friday evening such as this and pass dozens of open air impromptu festivals at pubs along the way.

There’s not much traffic noise because London has a daily tax on automobiles in the central city, greatly reducing air pollution.

A gesture like this would go unnoticed in an airplane hangar. There is a history of small buildings that have an influence greater than their size, for example: Thorncrown Chapel in Arkansas by Fay Jones, the Magney House in Australia by Glenn Murcutt, and the Pilgrimage Chapel at Ronchamps, France, by Le Corbusier. Building small doesn’t guarantee great architecture, but it doesn’t prevent it, either.

[172] As Florian Deleal walked, one hot afternoon, he overtook by the wayside a poor aged man, and, as he seemed weary with the road, helped him on with the burden which he carried, a certain distance.

We dined on the terrace of the Auberge des Tilleuls, an old French farmhouse in Grambois, Provence.

Linden trees shaded its plaster walls and dappled the linen tablecloth with shadows.On this fine evening in May there are many seats inside the pub because everyone wanted to stand outdoors.Not far away another pub has a crowd, and the sound of laughter echoes down the street.The waiter was invisibly attentive, as is the French custom. Some of the wine we drank was made from a nearby vineyard, and as we drank tractors pulling wagons filled with red grapes glided past.Children leaving school rode by on scooters and bicycles.In London payday is the last Friday of the month, when groups of people gather at pubs at 5p.m. Here is a group at the Blue Posts Pub on Berwick Street in Soho.Despite their rather somber black clothing, this is a happy crowd of drinkers, their plastic beer glasses parked on the granite curb as hands gesticulate or punch out text messages.It’s been estimated that architects design only three percent of American buildings.Here’s one of the 97 percent, designed by a boat builder for a workshop on Mill Creek in Deltaville, Virginia.How is it that the French will travel 50 miles to have lunch in a restaurant in a small Provençal village?The French writer Michèle Fitoussi said that her compatriots “have a keen sense of the brevity of time and the immediacy of pleasure.” On this afternoon there was a faint smell of smoke from leaves burning somewhere in the distance. When we left, I noticed there were no cars parked backwards in the parking lot.


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