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My everyday download speeds on Hughesnet were under 200K for most of the day If you live in a remote area where good high speed service,such as Comcast internet, is not available....then I would recommend you go with Verizon 3G Mi Fi as your…You can get internet for individuals or your business.

yes, there is a list on satellite internet prodivers.

The one personally use is directv is great in my opinion but there are other ones such as dishnetwork, wildblue, earthlink are some that offer satellite internet.

no the PS3 will work even if the TV does not get reception from TV stations.

To go online the PS3 does need an internet connection, but a PS3 does not have togo online it will not be as good, but will still work.

Be sure to tell your Dish TV installer that you plan on getting cable internet.

Also, tell your Cable TV installer you have dish satellite.

This may be a good option if you live in a rural area with limited options…

the simplest way to hook up an old tv to a satellite dish is by using an AV (audio/video) cables.

A few sites dealing specifically with satellite tv providers and comparing them, or offering advice on how to choose a good one, include My Rate Plan, All Connect, and Digital Landing.

We offer TV Everywhere, which enables you to watch Live TV or recorded events from your DVR receiver with a Sling Adapter and being connected to the Internet.


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