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I did have some concepts of retirement and saving for a rainy day, but nothing immediate.

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In this context, therefore, self analysis is credited to an establishment of professional rapport between managers and employees.

In turn, the mission of the company can be easily interpreted and ...?

Through self-analysis, individuals are able to weigh their weakness, avoid culpabilities that may emanate from their weaknesses, as are able to handle them.

On the other hand, it is only through, self-analysis that, individuals can utilize their strengths to the maximum.

Beneficial attributes of self-awareness emanate from various avenues.

As such, persons need to understand and utilize......It was not that I thought their universities were better than ours or their quality of education.I just wanted to experience the culture of the......educational functions and is responsible for a wide range of activities from registration to planning and execution.In this way, managers are able to access all forms of feedback form fellow workmates, and then devise a working plan on time. Gold and Mumford (2004, pp.148) argue that, through self-awareness, managers are made aware of their weak points, work on the weaknesses, consequently, gain strength to run the organization.In the course of working, learning cannot be alienated form the venture.Upon familiarization, managers take up the responsibility of ensuring that employees are conversant with the goals and objectives of the organization.Communication on the goals of the organization is not possible if the managers are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.If individuals have no self-identity, it automatically becomes an uphill task trying to establish a rapport between them and the other workmates.It is also through self-analysis that, individuals have total control of their actions.In essence, self-analysis, allows managers have more strength to handle tough situations that may occur in the future.Self-analysis allows managers familiarize themselves with their work places and discern the sections that need modifications (Rothstein, 2010 pp.35).


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