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One power that is unique to the House of Representatives is the power of impeachment.

This power was given to the House by the framers because the House was the only legislative body representative of the people, the idea of this power granted to the House was to reflect the power of the people.

The members of the House of Representatives were created to be more directly tied to the citizens when the bicameral legislature was established.

Each member must live in the state that they represent and are elected by their states people, typically House members represent relatively small districts.

(b) Explain two ways the United States Constitution limited majority rule.

(c) Choose two of the following twentieth-century developments and explain how each moved the United States from a less democratic system to a more democratic system.This also prevents the influence of politics on the decision to impeach a president.This power that was granted to the United States Senate follows through with the House’s power to impeach a president.Later constitutional developments also limited the powers of state governments.(a) Explain how each of the following limits the powers of the national executive.This important doctrine protects citizens from governmental abuse.For instance, Miranda rights were established by the interpretation of the 5th Amendment, which protects citizens from self- incrimination at the time of arrest.• Federalism • Checks and balances (b) Explain how each of the following two provisions in the Bill of Rights limits the powers of the national government.• The Establishment clause • the Guarantee of a public trial (c) Choose one of the following and explain how it limits the power of state governments.The Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments, the House indicts an officer and the Senate conducts the trial.The framers split the duties because The Senate members serve longer terms and will not be persuaded by the people or worry much about backlash from the people.


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