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Proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors and dont forget to check the flow and transition of your information.

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Gathering enough information before starting to write will help you make your standpoint clear.

You can also make an outline to have a better clarification of your evaluation.

You also have to gather enough evidence to support your standpoint.

A clear viewpoint must be laid down with a supporting information to validate your opinion.

Before you start writing an evaluation essay, you have to think of a topic first and decide on which side you are going to take whether you agree or disagree, like or dislike something.

Do a research to make your point of view more clear and justify your argument which will then be stated in your thesis statement.He raves about his favorites and warns people of cafes to avoid.He has visited all but one cafe in his town, and because he has so much passion for coffee and cafes, he plans to evaluate a new cafe for his evaluation essay.(If coffee and cafes aren’t your thing and you need some topic ideas for your essay, read 20 Evaluation Essay Topics to Help Spark Your Next Paper.)Create about three to five categories of clear and specific criteria to evaluate.The conclusion should wrap your supported arguments, including your standpoint, yet, it should leave the readers with something to think of.End your essay by appealing to your readers that your point of view is right in such a way as showing that you have clearly understood the material you have evaluated.So, to learn how to write an evaluation essay, just follow the above steps.If I asked why you love the pizza place across town but hate the pizzeria two blocks away, you’d be able to give me a list of reasons, right?And after deciding for the main criteria of your subject, support it using quotes, anecdotes, facts, or statistics.You can start each paragraph with a topic sentence that links to your thesis statement.Start writing by creating a thesis statement, which should be clearly stated in the introduction of your essay.The introductory paragraph should also introduce the subject under evaluation.


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