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If you are interested, please see Experts Confirm Family Vacations Make Children Smarter. In the article, a researcher at Boston College, followed 81 high school valedictorians and salutatorians from graduation onward to see what becomes of those who lead the academic pack.

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Kids with learning problems often have special needs.

Kids with Down syndrome might go to a regular school and might even be in your class.

It might be harder to do everyday stuff — like learning to read or, if a person has physical handicaps, just getting around school or the mall. Kids who need a wheelchair or have other health problems want friends just like you do.

The good news is that parents, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, and others can help. But meeting people and making friends can be tough. Be sure to tell a teacher if you see someone being bullied or teased. Also try to be helpful if you know someone with special needs.

They also might need to get a special bus to school — one that lifts them up into the bus so they don't have to get up the steps.

Kids who have illnesses, such as epilepsy or diabetes, would have special needs, too.Instead of labeling kids, we should be looking at other very important aspects of their lives.We should be teaching them values, respect, and kindness.They might need medicine or other help as they go about their day.Kids with sight problems might use special apps, tablets, or computers to read.The goal is to help kids be as independent as possible. Ask if they would like help with carrying their books or opening a door. It's important not to be "overly helpful" when no help is needed. Because just like you, kids with special needs like to be as independent as they can be.Being friendly to kids with special needs is one of the best ways to be helpful.If you are part of the public school system you will know there are kids labeled as “gifted” that are placed in a different class. What about the rest of the kids in the other classes? I believe that all kids should be challenged, not only the ones that belong to that “gifted” class. Every child needs to find their true passions, and labeling them from a very early age does not help them at all.Why are we always focusing only on grades and academic achievement anyway?Privately, their parents, teachers, and counselors may be working to help them worry less.Life can be extra-challenging for a kid with special needs.


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