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randn(n,m) Generates an n m matrix of normal random numbers having zero mean and unity variance.x = σ x r m x (3.3) Use MATLAB to generate 1,000 normal random number values with the m x = 5.5 and σ x = Calculate the mean and variance, and plot the data set histogram using 25 bins.

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to perform scalar, vector, or matrix % calculations.

The results are assigned to the % return variables, rvar1, rvar2, etc.

Run a test vector into the function and plot the results» t = -2:.01:2;» x = rect(t);» plot(t,x); grid;» axis([ ])» title('the rect Function in Action',...

'fontsize',18)» ylabel('x(t)','fontsize',16)» xlabel('t','fontsize',16) The rect Function in Action x(t) t Chapter 3: Writing MATLAB Functions 3 55 Example: Practice! 108 (2) Develop and test (plot results for a test vector input) user written functions to compute the following: 2.

Chapter 3: Functions for Random Number Generation 3 64 » x = 1.25*randn(1000,1) - 5.5;» mean(x) ans = » std(x) ans = » hist(x,25)» title('histogram of x Normal with mean = -5.5, std = 1.25','fontsize',16)» ylabel('occurrence of x','fontsize',14)» xlabel('range of x Values','fontsize',14) 100 Histogram of x Normal with mean = -5.5, std = #Trials = 1, Occurrence of x Range of x Values Note: To better approximate a bell shaped distribution more trials are needed Chapter 3: Functions for Random Number Generation 3 65 Chair for Network Architectures and Services Prof. Georg More information A few useful MATLAB functions Renato Feres - Math 350 Fall 2012 1 Uniform random numbers The Matlab command rand is based on a popular deterministic algorithm called multiplicative congruential method. [email protected] Objective This course provides More information Lab 1.

Carle Department of Computer Science TU München Analysis of System Performance IN2072 Chapter M Matlab Tutorial Dr. More information Introduction to MATLAB (Basics) Reference from: Azernikov Sergei [email protected] MATLAB Basics Where to get help? The Fourier Transform Introduction In the Communication Labs you will be given the opportunity to apply the theory learned in Communication Systems. Communications Blockset extends Simulink with a comprehensive More information LAB 7 MOSFET CHARACTERISTICS AND APPLICATIONS Objective In this experiment you will study the i-v characteristics of an MOS transistor.

[Y, FS, BITS]=WAVREAD(FILE) returns the sample rate (FS) in Hertz and the number of bits per sample (BITS) used to encode the data in the file.

(more help available, but not listed here) To count the number of zero crossings we form a new vector y that is the product of x and x delayed by one index or sample value, i.e., When a product is negative we know that the original signal either went from to - or - to ; the find() function can help us here The length function can then be used to determine the number of entries that find returns, and hence the number of zero crossings in the data record x The MATLAB script file y( 1) = x( 1)x( 2) y( 2) = x( 2)x( 3) y( 3) = x( 3)x( 4) % The MATLAB script file speak_zero.m % Begin by loading the wav file x = wavread( ); % %Display numerical results fprintf('digit Statistics \n\n'); fprintf('mean: %f \n', mean(x)); fprintf('standard deviation: %f \n', std(x)); fprintf('variance: %f \n', std(x)^2); Chapter 3: Problem Solving Examples 3 49 Now run with the real data» speak_zero Digit Statistics mean: standard deviation: variance: average power: average magnitude: zero crossings: Speech Waveform of the Word Zero Amplitude Sequence Index Chapter 3: Problem Solving Examples 3 51 Writing MATLAB Functions A user written functions are one of the main features of the most power features of the MATLAB environment A MATLAB function is very similar to the script files we have created in the past A function is created using the m-file editor and saved in a file with the.m extension A function type m-file is different than a script since the file must begin with the keyword function followed by a list of the values the function returns, the function name, and a list of the input arguments used by the function function [rvar1,rvar2,...] = my_fct(in1,in2,...) % A short description of the function is typed to % serve as on-line help for the function should % the user type help my_fct.. % Somewhere in the function body we use % in1, in2,...

Problem Solving Examples Chapter 3 of the text contains a problem solving example in the area of speech signal analysis.

In this section we will first consider this particular problem.


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