Extreme Sports Thesis Statement

Hatfield (2011) argues that the motivation to indulge into these activities emanate from the desire of not only achieving goals but also being competitive.Hatfield (2011) uses the analogy of triathlon to explain the difference between those perceived to be elites and non-elites by explaining that their distinct differences stem the fact that goal is vital after which being competitive follows.

The first reason is to learn team collaboration with the opposite sex.

In sports, children learn how to depend on one another and how to use their personal strengths to accomplish the goal of the team.

Both terms, however, in the course of time acquired that negative tinge which everybody is supposed to express when pronouncing them; it is fashionable to denounce our society for being a consumer society rather…

Student’s Name Professor’s Name The Course The Date Ethics The term “ethics” or “moral philosophy” refers to the branch in philosophy that studies the concepts of right and wrong behavior, systematizes the knowledge on this subject, and examines the ways of its practical application.

Taking the knowledge and using it to navigate their course through life will benefit them over the traditional unisex sports’ teams.

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A “throw-away society” is a term with highly negative evaluative connotation that means the same as the more neutral “consumer society”.Mountain (2006) claims that they often burden the public especially the taxpayers in the event that an individual taking irresponsible risk is injured or even in need of being rescued.Interestingly, in public debates and discussion, rarely will you find individuals incorporating the negative implications of limiting accessibility to risky sports.There are many philosophical schools that consider various aspects of ethics….The concept of wealth can mean different things to different people.Amazingly, these type of personality are not only risk takers but also the best in various fields such as entrepreneurship, innovation, management et cetera.The progress of the society can hugely be attributed to these individuals who are always willing to take risks. The Influence of Risk Attraction and Risk Aversion in the Adoption and Diffusion of Extreme Sports Introduction Risk theorists in the field of sport research try to explore the attraction of extreme sports.Co-ed sports’ teams can set the stage for children to understand some of the extreme differences between boys and girls.The perfect goal would be to bridge the gap between the opposite sexes, and to cultivate a community of equality and collaboration.Mountain (2006) further asserts that suppose these sporting activities are suppressed, these persons are likely to find outlet of their energy in a way that may even be more burdensome to the society.Despite the fact that extreme sports do not appeal to majority of the public, there are quite a number of persons who these activities fulfill part of their lives.


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