Famous Case Studies Of Paranoid Schizophrenia

Famous Case Studies Of Paranoid Schizophrenia-21
Folie simultane'e describes the simultaneous appearance of identical psychoses in two predisposed persons who have had a long, intimate association.Folie communique'e involves the transfer of psychotic delusions after a long period of resistance.

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In the clinical case presented, folie á deux was easily diagnosed, but its treatment proved to be a bigger challenge.

Keywords: Induced psychosis, primary and secondary case, separation How to cite this URL: Dhaka N, Solanki R K, Koolwal G D, Gehlot S, Kumar S.

Six months back, “A” discontinued her treatment and for past 3 months, confided her daughter “B” and herself to home, and threatened her own mother to leave the home.

“A” had no contact with any of other family members, since then.

She did not even allow her daughter to attend her school, as she thought that the family members may harm her daughter too.

The daughter “B” who is 17-year-old, also held the same belief for past 3 months.In the paradigm of changing nosology, where the term shared/induced psychotic disorder is going obsolete, it is important to recognize such cases due to the potential for recovery in the submissive partner.Here, we present a case report and discussion of folie a deux involving inducer mother and induced daughter.A case report of folie a deux: Mother and daughter.J Mental Health Hum Behav [serial online] 2016 [cited 2019 Sep 6];-8. 2016/21/1/66/182099The term “folie a deux,” coined by Lasegue and Falret in 1877, also known as shared psychotic disorder, induced delusion disorder, psychosis of association, or double insanity, describes a syndrome in which paranoid delusions are transferred from one individual to one or more other susceptible person(s).According to her, the man named “X” came to her school 3 months back and gave his name as her father's name in school documents (which was actually given by her mother).She also believes that this man came over to her school multiple times in past 1 year, but she could never meet him because of the relatives, who along with her teachers conspired against them and never let them meet.Since then, “A” is living with her daughter “B” at her mother's home.“A,” since her separation from her husband, believes that there is a man “X” (who actually helped as an inter-mediator in solving the divorce terms between the couple, but never saw her again) in her ex-husband's city who want to marry her and ready to accept her with her daughter “B.” She believes that it is her family members, who don't let “X” meet her and that the family members want to declare her mentally ill, so that “X” will not marry her.That is when the family members brought them to psychiatrist for treatment.Hospital course At the time of admission, “A” and “B” were very agitated, uncooperative, unkempt, and untidy.


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