Fiji Water Case Study Summary

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Police orders, they shrugged: The country’s military junta had declared martial law a few days before, and things were a bit tense.

Even tour guides were running scared—one told me that one of his colleagues had been picked up and beaten for talking politics with tourists.

When I later asked Fiji Water spokesman Rob Six what the company thought of all this, he said the policy was not to comment on the government “unless something really affects us.” If you drink bottled water, you’ve probably drunk Fiji. Even though it’s shipped from the opposite end of the globe, even though it retails for nearly three times as much as your basic supermarket water, Fiji is now America’s leading imported water, beating out Evian.

(My i Pod, he surmised tensely, was “good for transmitting information.”) I asked him to call my editors, even a UN official who could vouch for me. “I’d hate to see a young lady like you go into a jail full of men,” he averred, smiling grimly.

“You know what happened to women during the 2000 coup, don’t you?


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