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In his quest to seek for equality, he goes to unimagined extent.He takes on the identity of another character named Jerome so that he would be allowed into “Gattaca” Corporation.This aspect of stereotyping is also discussed by Dr Perry Hinton in one of his works.

Another aspect of cultural discrimination that Vincent depicts in his quest to effect cultural transition is that minority children would not be proud of their cultural values.

As stated by Oji (38), “…developing in a society where parents’ values pertain to a minority group, immigrant children can feel an intense sense of embarrassment in practicing their parents’ culture in an environment where mainstream people have different values and norms”.

In spite of being a cripple due to an accident, Jerome has the ideal genes.

Vincent passes all the company tests using Jerome’s skin, urine, blood, and hair.

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In the case of Vincent, the honeymoon period marks the first culture shock stage.

He undergoes this experience before his meeting with Jerome.

The aspect of cultural stereotyping is evident in the “Gattaca” Corporation’s culture.

The culture is a clear show that human beings often tend to stereotype in whatever situations they would find themselves.


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