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"We will work closely with teachers to develop even more effective and reliable coursework assessments." In Wales, Education Minister Jane Davidson said she shared his concern."I shall ask my officials to work closely with teachers in Wales to ensure that these developments are taken forward in ways that are manageable for teachers and their pupils." 'Knee-jerk' Shadow education secretary David Willetts said Mr Johnson needed to go further in cracking down on the use of coursework in other subjects where it was open to abuse.And the growth of model answers on the internet has increased concerns.

I will then calculate each of these manually and compare the answers.

Next I did the same thing for hexagons and found another set of formulae, I then compared the formulae for squares and the formulae for hexagons to see if there were any connections between them.

All other GCSE coursework would have to be supervised, Mr Johnson told the Labour party conference on Wednesday. Mr Johnson said qualifications could not be undermined by a few cheats who took their work from the internet.

Parents needed to be reassured that coursework assessed pupils' work in a "fair and robust way".

I now believed that I had investigated 2D shapes as much as I could, and could now use my general formula for any 2D shape, I then decided to move on to 3D shapes.

I chose the cube as it is very similar to the square and would be the simplest 3D shape to investigate.I will now do a check to see if my formulae are correct.I will test this by predicting, using my formulae, the perimeter, number of shaded squares, number of unshaded squares and the total number of squares, for the next two shapes in this sequence, stages 5 and 6.When I finish investigating squares I may look at other shapes.I am now going to draw 6 different stages of this growth to establish if any patterns arise.Last week, it was announced that the coursework component in geography A-level would be scrapped, although in English it could be a greater amount than now, and it has been made compulsory for the first time in history.Mr Johnson also outlined new measures to improve support for children in care and their education.Coursework - or work done outside normal classroom conditions - was introduced when GCSEs replaced O-levels almost 20 years ago.But there has long been a problem over its use, with concerns about whether work done outside school is always entirely the student's own efforts.I checked my formulae by predicting the shaded, unshaded and total amount of triangles for the first three stages of the sequence.My predictions were correct and my general formula worked.


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