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Three research objectives were developed for addressing this aim as mentioned in the introduction.

In this concluding chapter, summary of the results for each of these objectives would be highlighted.

Given the increasing importance of the tourism industry to the economy, it is critical to understand the implications of climate change for the industry.

Climate change has the potential modify tourist demand and travel patterns (Scott et al., 2004).

The overall aim of this research is to understand the ways in which tourism in Singapore is vulnerable to climate change.

Predicting climate change is complex but even more complex is predicting how people will respond to that change (Perry, 2005, 94).Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Tourists indicate that they would likely substitute beach tourism for other activities such as indoor sightseeing attractions within Sentosa which are not weather dependent.Hence visitation to Sentosa is unlikely to be affected because of the diverse types of attractions Sentosa provides.Secondly, with the climate of other regions and countries changing for the better, the need for a winter escape to warm climate countries diminishes.In addition, the study investigated the reactions of tourists’ behaviour to the possible direct impact of climate change that might most probably impact Singapore in the coming years.Objective three: To discuss mitigation policies employed or suggested by the UNWTO access the consequences of employing these strategies in Singapore Two mitigation strategies are reviewed: encouraging short-haul destinations and market climate policy instruments which includes taxation.Singapore is a small island state with only the Southeast Asian region being within its short-haul destination.This indirectly points to a bigger picture that for destinations attracting mostly day visitors, climate change may have smaller implications, since potential visitors are more likely to change plans or adapt to the on-site weather conditions (Aylen et al., 2005).Objective two: To estimate future effects and risks on the tourism sector under direct predicted climate change scenarios The tourism sector in Singapore generates more than S billion in tourism receipts yearly and employs about 60% of the workforce in Singapore (MOM, 2009; MTI, 2009).


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