Globalization Religion Essay

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Perhaps this is the path that nations must take for a universal community founded upon a common humanity.

It is a community that globalization will never be able to achieve.

A flow of ideas, tastes and values accompany them helping to reshape the image of the world to a world that will eventually be one global system and one global unity.

Globalization involves complete economic liberalization i.e., opening doors to big businesses. Governments create an environment that is as conducive as possible to its growth of business.

My examples come mainly from Christianity, but I will note some parallels in other traditions.

Concern for the Environment Many religions, including Taoism in China, Zen Buddhism in Japan, Hinduism in India, and Native American and African cultures have emphasized harmony with nature and respect for all forms of life.

In reflecting on the credit and debit sides of globalization we find that whatever good has come out of it is actually a by-product.

The very motive – maximizing profit – is responsible for its ills.

In the new millennium scientific discoveries and their applications in technology will occur at a rate unprecedented in human history, and their influence will be global.

What contribution could the religious traditions of the world make to the future of technology and globalization?


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