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Getting everything straight, researching, and building the website took just a few days.When I sent my initiative to my Google recruiter, I didn’t hear back from her for two weeks.I discovered that marketing in a classroom environment wasn’t something that I was looking for, so I switched into Finance to gain more technical, hands-on skills.

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Carlos Villalobos (@carlosvivaldi), globetrotter and student entrepreneur, goes above and beyond what Google’s internship application asked for to stand out from the crowd. He proposed a game changing initiative to promote Google Maps.

Oh, and he posted it online for the whole world to see.

I wasn’t going to wait until graduation to put this networks to work, so I decided to start reaching out to people in the technology industry in the efforts of getting my second co-op.

I cold called and e-mailed recruiters in the industry until one thing led to another.

In about a week I put together the Google initiative project and sent it back to the recruiter who originally sent the rejection e-mail.

My Google Internship is a fictitious project that I made out of self-initiative in order to strengthen my internship application at Google.

My other interests include going out for coffee, brunch, running and photography.

During my second co-op program, people kept telling me that now was the time to start building my network and they were right.

However, I was still reaching out to other companies.

I received an offer from a company in London that offers investment management consulting. When the website went live on a Sunday, someone found it online and posted it on Hacker News. ’ Of course there was a lot of criticism, but also positive reactions and feedback.


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