Grounded Theory Research Proposal

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The research team will meet again following the second stage of independent coding to consult on the quotes that were not assigned to either the deductive theme or the inductive theme.

After the discussion of possible inductive themes, the primary researcher reviews all of the coding and arrives upon a final codebook.

Grounded theory is an approach whereby the researcher refers back to the literature relevant to the research topic and to qualitative observations throughout data collection and analysis.

Review of the literature and qualitative data can help shape subsequent data collection and analysis according to new perspectives that arise from reference to previous research and participants’ observations.

Then the members of the research team independently can examine the response codes that did not fit within the predetermined deductive themes and identify new, inductively derived themes.

It is important for the raters to carry out this stage independently so that their interpretations of the data are not influenced by others.

The primary researcher must carefully consider the perspectives of the research-team members and the research participants by revisiting the data several times when revising the codebook.

The research team that I worked with for the study on gender-role perspectives of Latinas contributed greatly to shaping the codebook and findings of the study, and ultimately helped contribute to the field.

Grounded theory is an approach by which theory is extended from qualitative analysis (Charmaz, 1990; Walsh, 2014).

It began nearly 5 decades ago (Glaser & Straus, 1967) and has since developed and diversified (Heath & Cowley, 2004).


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