Group Decision-Making Essays

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Conformity involves having individual members adjust their behavior so as to align with the prevailing standards of the group (Gottlieb, 2009).

The group may put pressure on the individual to change their opinion, attitudes or behavior so as to conform to the group template.

There is an increased acceptance of solutions that are arrived at by a group.

This is because when a decision is come up with by a group, the members have a sense of ownership for the solution found (Gottlieb, 2009).

Currently, there is a certain important organization decision that must be made by a group but in my estimation; a better decision could be made by an individual.

In this paper, I will explain why I think an individual’s decision is better suited in this case.Conformity results in many compromises which might lead to the decision arrived at being less than optimal.The decisions of an individual can play a monumental role in an organization.Undoubtedly, the popularity of groups has increased over the past decade since groups typically outperform individuals and make better use of the available employee talents.However, group decisions are not always the best for the organization.Decision making is a fundamental function in all organizations and the success of the organization is directly dependent on the quality of decisions arrived at.Traditionally, most decisions were made by individuals who typically held high ranks within the organization.This is because group decision making assists in overcoming the limitation on knowledge that an individual may have (Gottlieb, 2009) .Groups make it possible to pool information concerning various complex tasks.However, this has changed and the popularity of group decision making has increased in the past few decades.This change has been precipitated by the adoption of flatter structures by organizations; a move which has resulted in more group participation in the decision making process.


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