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Drake defends the play's justice on the grounds that the murderers are "caught in their own toils" (that is, traps).

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There are seeming inconsistence and constant debilitation of Hamlet’s character and conduct along with extensive pondering of the variant suppositions to conjectural ingenuity that take shape within his mind.

Some of the processes that work with Hamlet’s psyche are inexplicable but it also shows Shakespeare’s deeper understanding and rooting for the mental sciences along with the combination of the philosophical questions that have traced scholars and students of his time and age.

As Foakes writes, "No other character's name in Shakespeare's plays, and few in literature, have come to embody an attitude to life ...

and been converted into a noun in this way." The play's contemporary popularity is suggested both by the five quartos that appeared in Shakespeare's lifetime and by frequent contemporary references (though at least some of these could be to the so-called ur-Hamlet).

These allusions suggest that by the early Jacobean period the play was famous for the ghost and for its dramatization of melancholy and insanity.

The procession of mad courtiers and ladies in Jacobean and Caroline drama frequently appears indebted to Hamlet. Looking back on Renaissance drama in 1655, Abraham Wright lauds the humor of the gravedigger's scene, although he suggests that Shakespeare was outdone by Thomas Randolph, whose farcical comedy The Jealous Lovers features both a travesty of Ophelia and a graveyard scene.

Though man has been distinguished from animals over his own intellectual philosophical recesses of his inner reflection, humanity keeps losing that through many phases.

The questions have been posed to bring inner reflections as well bringing balance with what man desires and what he puts out as work and actions towards the outer world.

Critics responded to Hamlet in terms of the same dichotomy that shaped all responses to Shakespeare during the period.

On the one hand, Shakespeare was seen as primitive and untutored, both in comparison to later English dramatists such as Fletcher and especially when measured against the neoclassical ideals of art brought back from France with the Restoration.


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