High School Life Experiences-Essay

High School Life Experiences-Essay-29
Some of the times, backstabbing were going on to some other groups of friend which shouldn't happen.In my four years in my school, I also experienced to be lonely, rejected, made fun of and all that. I didn't even care about the deadlines here and there.

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Whenever my adviser hand out my card to me, I always got nervous. The longing, the urge to see their faces and do some of the craziest stuffs in the world with them. Anyway, ito nga palang essay na ito ay requirement ko sa English class ko noong 4th year high school ako.

School life is but a preparation to face the challenges that the bigger school called world will offer us once we are out of our schools.

The way I sang loudly at hallways with my crooked friends.

The times we dared each other to do some crazy stuffs like begging some money from other people as if like we are beggars. Sometimes, I don't give attention on my lessons. I'm still being nostalgic with my high school days.

The schools therefore extra great influence upon us. Environmental Club, Social service Group, etc., are very active in my school. Matches, tournaments, cultural shows, competitions, outings, picnics, etc., make my school life lively, interesting and enjoyable.

High School Life Experiences-Essay

They shape our character, mould our mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life. We have classes from Monday to Friday unlike some schools which have classes even on Saturdays. The key functions of my school are School Annual Sports day, Parents’ Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, etc.I was astonished at first but I knew I deserved friends like Abigail Turner, Gabrielle Evans, Desinque Rahaming , Dominic Fowler and the rest of my friends chanted my name, latija king and applauded with great confidence. I received the trophy delightfully from my principal, Mr. But I don't mind, I don't care what they say because the only one who knows well yourself is you. I will cherish those moments when I skipped classes because I got bored in our lessons.I just wanted to sit down on benches and trip on corridors.Classes are held regularly and are interspersed with monthly tests and quarterly examinations.Those, who fair badly in these tests and examinations, are severely admonished, and in some cases, their parents are called.High School Life (Essay) by katenicooole All Rights Reserved. I wrote this essay when I was, I think, 15 years old. - For the past four years which I became a high school student, I did not expect the unexpected.I thought of having bigger responsibilities, more complicated projects, difficult homeworks and so on. I've experienced a lot of time-sacrificing, brain-drying activities, and yet we, as a section, survived all these stuffs.A lot of emphasis is given to character formation, moral education and acquiring good principles of life.Providing social service to the neighbourhood is an integral part of this attempt.


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