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Ultimately this is how my Weekly Packets were (re)born.

Ultimately this is how my Weekly Packets were (re)born.

They have a coloring option when they complete their nightly reading (who doesn’t like to color?

) The best part is they are completely Common Core aligned, focusing both Math and ELA.

Today I’m chatting all about my personal homework evolution and how I changed a negative into a big positive in my classroom.

I have been posting a lot of photos on my Instagram and Facebook account about these changes and my (and my students) excitement over this revolution.

Do not jump in to help him until he has taken these steps, and you will have given your son a valuable study skill.

You are right to be concerned about teaching your child good study habits.

First, I decided to completely scrap everything I’ve ever done with my 3rd grade homework, and thought about the basics of what I wanted my students to do while they were home.

I thought back to when I taught Kindergarten and used to give monthly HW packets from Kelly’s Kindergarten.

The skills we covered in class that month were embedded within this monthly packet.

Yes, it was a packet but there was a ton of flexibility for the families of my students.


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