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News and media company Mashable lists Insta EDU as the top-ranking dependable source for online tutoring.Discount coupons are available at our site for textbook orders placed on the Chegg website.

Chegg offers great discounts on rentals of new and used textbooks.

For those who want homework help, Chegg has a 24X7 online program named Insta EDU.

Originally the site started out as a Craigslist-type classified service for Iowa State University students.

In 2003, Aayush Phumbhra approached the founders with the idea of taking the service national and in 2005 Chegg, Inc. Over the next couple years as online rental services like Netflix took off, the founders realized there was an opportunity for a similar model to be applied to textbooks, so in 2007 they began offering the textbook rental model students have come to know and love.

There is no chicken-and-egg dilemma in the company's financial standing today though - despite having started with almost zero capital.

If you are looking to rent a textbook, Chegg has some very amenable policies: you can return the textbook within 21 days for any reason whatsoever; you can do a reasonable amount of highlighting in the book rented (writing in the book is not permitted in any manner though); and each time you rent a book from Chegg, American Forests' Global Releaf Program will plant a tree.

The discounts are calculated using the list price of physical textbooks as the base.

Currently available offers are displayed at the top of the page while expired ones are pushed to the bottom.

The name Chegg itself owes to the founders' [ch]icken-and-[egg] dilemma soon after they had finished higher studies.

They could not get a job for lack of experience, but could not get experience without being on a job.


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