How Can Critical Thinking Help You

Most supervisors will at first probably assume that their best employee always provides reliable information.

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In both cases, it is important to have the intention to keep an open mind when trying to find out the truth, be analytical and curious, and not come to conclusions prematurely. RED stands for Recognise assumptions, Evaluate arguments, and Draw conclusions: By recognising assumptions beforehand, facts can be separated from opinions.

It is misleading and easy to listen to someone or read something and immediately assume that the information is true, despite there not being enough evidence.

By asking multiple open-ended questions, the supervisor can determine whether the information is complete and correct, and not mostly based on the employee’s opinion.

The skill of evaluating arguments requires analysing information in objective and accurate ways.

By asking yourself if you have correctly heard and understood the information, you can objectively analyse it.

In addition, critical questions such as ‘what can I do with the information’, ‘am I still missing information’, and ‘what information do I need to come to a carefully considered conclusion’, can help people think before they act.

Nowadays, we are bombarded with information from social media and other channels.

Should we just accept all of this as true and is all information accurate and objective?

In the context of CT, critical does not imply ‘disapproving’ or ‘negative’, but is intended to provide an objective analysis of information.

Critical Thinking originated from a method that was developed by Goodwin Watson and Edward Glaser starting in 1925.


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