How To Make Assignment

Expert tip: Make sure that you don’t introduce any new ideas in your conclusion; this section is purely for summarising your previous arguments. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting aside time to write and then just staring at a blank page.

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Expert tip: Remember, your tutor wants you to do well.

He or she will not be annoyed if you need to ask a few questions.

If you’re the kind of person that only has to hear the word “assignment” and immediately has flashbacks to stuffy classrooms, ticking clocks and staring a blank page for hours…. Our 15 foolproof tips for writing a great assignment will guide you to success.

Your course or module will have a reading list; make sure you actually use it!

Finding time to write is easier said than done, but if you break your time down into manageable chunks you’ll find it’s much easier to keep on top of your workload. aim to have the first section done by a certain day) to keep your momentum going.

Expert tip: Be realistic about the time you have spare, and the time you’re willing to give up. on Friday evening when you’d rather be relaxing, chances are you won’t get anything done.You wouldn’t start a conversation without introducing yourself; your assignment is the same.Your first paragraph should introduce your key argument, add a bit of context and the key issues of the question, and then go on to explain how you plan to answer it.There’s nothing worse than scheduling time to sit down and write then glancing at the calendar and realising you’ve only got a few days left.Double-checking the deadline means you’ll have no nasty surprises.If it’s in a dictionary or used by a national newspaper it’s probably OK to use in your assignment.If you’ve got time (and you should have if you managed to stick to your schedule!If there’s any doubt in your mind about the question or the requirements of the assignment, ask your tutor.It’s better to start right than have to re-write in the last few days.Expert tip: If you find yourself unable to write, try to use your time to read ahead or re-read what you’ve already written.While each university, school or each college will probably have its own style guide, you should always use a neutral and professional tone when writing an assignment.


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