How To Start Your Own Wedding Planning Business

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But my entire writing career was not without its steps, lessons, and hurdles. There are steps you have to follow, lessons you must learn, and planning that must be done in order to make your new business idea a reality.

I’ve composed a nine-step list on how to start your very own event planning business, from ideation to execution.

Event planning requires a very specific personality: one that is outgoing, social, and creative enough to tackle the forever-shifting tasks needed plan a successful event.

If you are better suited working behind a desk with little customer engagement, then event planning is not right for you.

But if you do not ‘click’ with the couple, it may be that you need to give them the opportunity to find someone who is going to offer the right personality fit.

You need to know you will be able to keep things calm when it gets a little more hectic further down the line." It is possible to start a wedding planning business with very little cost." Good marketing is absolutely essential, as you will need to make people aware of your service and make them want to use it.Remember that when it comes to weddings people tend to buy on emotional as well as practical reasons, so your marketing communications will need to convey that you know all there is to know about weddings, that you can help people to make their dreams a reality and that you have the practical experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly.I always had an interest in technology and my experience in writing was easily adaptable to other subjects.So after a period of searching, I discovered Capterra, and subsequently, an enjoyment in writing about event management software. The same goes for those looking to start their own event planning business.Nearly two years ago, I worked in political journalism, writing about current events and lending my views to editorial columns.While this was interesting for a time, I discovered that it was something that I didn’t want to do forever.In addition, the more prior experience of wedding planning you have, the easier it will be to win clients and build up their trust – so make sure you build up a portfolio of your work.Sue Page, founder of wedding consultancy Ice the Cake, said: "If you are starting out with relatively limited experience and are more focused on the dream I would highly recommend you attending some courses on event management because while it is not compulsory, it is definitely good practice to have some experience before charging to plan someone’s special day."As a wedding planner the clients buy into you as much as they do the service you offer.This also means that your USP is you and not a product which can definitely be a positive.


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