How To Write Up Your Own Divorce Papers

The court may also make important decisions about your children and property without your input.

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If you know your spouse filed for divorce, do not try to avoid service (delivery) of the divorce papers.

Avoiding service of divorce papers won’t do you any good, and it could cause you problems.

After 14 days the ex parte order becomes a temporary order which will normally last for at least as long as it takes for your divorce to become final.

If you do nothing after your spouse files for divorce, your spouse can pursue the divorce without your input.

You cannot rely on your spouse’s lawyer to protect your interests, even if you and your spouse agree on most issues.

If a lawyer has filed paperwork for your spouse or has appeared in court for your spouse, that person cannot represent you.It is important to understand what your spouse is asking of the court.Your divorce case is a court process to end your marriage, but other important things will also get decided in your divorce.These include dividing your marital property and debt and determining whether one of you will pay spousal support (alimony) to the other person.If you have children, your divorce judgment will also state who will have physical and legal custody, when the children will spend time with each parent (parenting time), who will pay child support, and how much child support will be.If you get an ex parte order with your divorce, talk to a lawyer.You only have a short amount of time —14 days from the day you are served—to file an objection if you don’t agree with it.It doesn’t mean that your spouse gets to make all the decisions in your divorce.It just means that your spouse was the one to file the first paperwork and get the divorce case started.You can use our Do-It-Yourself Answer and Counterclaim for Divorce tool to prepare an answer, or an answer and a counterclaim.Default If you do not file an answer by the deadline, the court can enter a default against you.


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