Hum/114 Critical Thinking And Creative Problem Solving

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Recognition of the principal problems of ethics in a variety of works.Reading, thinking and writing critically about ethical issues and problems.

Recognition of the principal problems of ethics in a variety of works.Reading, thinking and writing critically about ethical issues and problems.

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Introduction to the study of film and visual culture.

Acquisition of skills necessary to analyze and critique visual texts and place them in cultural contexts.

Interdisciplinary study of connections between art/design and politics, science, psychology, literature, music. Introducing students a select group of significant monuments in world art and architecture and present the unique aesthetic, cultural and historical issues that frame them; presenting the main methods to analyze and interpret artworks produced in different media.

A different time period and culture each week, as wide-ranging as 20th century Europe and America, Safavid Persia, Medieval Europe, Ancient Greece, etc.

A variety of themes, such as feminism, globalization, migration, environmentalism, post-colonialism and nationalism.

Developing students’ competencies in: written and oral communication skills; creativity and scepticism; and critical thinking.

Focusing on the ways of perception of the Other in socio-cultural, political, religious, geographic, ethnic, gendered, or racial terms in different cultures or time periods. Fluxus, public art, information arts, kinetic sculpture, environmental art.

Exploring human identity in relation to the Otherness of the monstrous, the animal, and the super-, sub-, or extra-human. Exploring war as a shared historical, social and psychological experience as recorded, represented or expressed in literature (poetry, novels, plays, memoirs), art (sculpture, painting, drawing), architecture (monuments, memorials) and other cultural media (photography, film, journalism) from prehistory to the present.

Introduction of the major artefacts and monuments of the Islamic world from 600-1700 AD by way of integrating the material within its socio-religious and cultural contexts.

A broad thematic approach, particularly looking at cross-cultural influences and artistic exchanges that made the art of the Islamic lands so eclectic and regionally diverse.


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