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It might be a good idea to also build contacts with professors in schools that you are applying for and go talk to them to see if they will be interested in working with you.

I moved to Texas from Mexico in high school and heard about Baylor all through high school and college.

Coming here for medical school has been my ultimate dream.

Visit Stack Exchange I am doing undergraduate in engineering but I want a transition to humanities for masters (history, anthropology). Should I take prerequisite courses at a community college or through online/distance education?

While I think the other way around (transitioning from the humanities to the sciences) might be harder, if you can demonstrate that you are serious and prepared to undertake graduate training in the humanities, it is definitely doable.

The selection committee was fine with accepting them as long as their proposed research area fit with the department faculty's research and they showed promise as a sociologist.

While a degree in the field isn't necessary, make sure you address how you have been working to fill the gap you have on your CV.Our experienced and credentialed scholars and practitioners develop personal, meaningful relationships with students.Both inside and outside the classroom they are directly involved with all aspects of educating our students.Examples include formal courses in English, Philosophy, History, Public Policy, Political Science, or Religion.This requirement also may be accomplished through an Honors Thesis, writing intensive upper division science course, or completion of a major research paper.In my sociology department (Ph D track, we didn't have a separate MA program and most entered straight after undergraduate school), many of my colleagues did not have any sociology training.While most of them came from related fields of economics, political science, and psychology, there were people with math and physics backgrounds and these were sometimes the people who were doing the most innovative and interdisciplinary work.We focus on teaching you how to develop the skills necessary to participate in a changing global environment.We're committed to combining rigorous academic analysis with practical experience, so our courses are designed to prepare you for employment in a diverse range of fields.Encompassing the humanities, digital design, education, and history, our departments carry on the great tradition of liberal arts colleges.Each department emphasizes project-based learning experiences and the development of critical skills in order to prepare students for lifelong success.


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