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The play begins with the family having a celebratory dinner party due to the engagement between Sheila and Gerald....

Birling and Sheila Birling in their attitudes to social issues. Arthur Birling is the father to Sheila Birling and so is presented as the older, “old-fashioned” generation whereas Shelia is the younger generation, who is more aware of the responsibilities they have towards other people.... I have chosen these characters because they have different views on the events concerning Eva Smith.

The author uses this difference to highlight the diversity between generations and their reactions to situations faced.

[tags: Papers] - Difference in Reactions of Sheila Birling and Her Father in J. Author Birling I do agree that Sheila Birling and her father Author Birling react differently to the inspector. Priestley's An Inspector Calls In my opinion, the two characters with the most contradictory ideas, attitudes and responses throughout the whole novel are Mrs. After the Inspector arrives both women react in a different way to the news; one is distressed and the other unfazed.... A visit from the mysterious Inspector Goole, during the celebration of Sheila Birling's and Gerald Croft's engagement, proves to be a horrifying experience for them as they learn that they have all played a part in the suicide of a young girl called Eva Smith.... B Priestley use of Sheila Birling to Convey His Message to the Audience in An Inspector Calls In An Inspector Calls, Sheila Birling is an important character, used by J.

This shows because when the inspector was talking to Author Birling, he was very annoyed at the inspector and didn't want to listen to what he had to say, this shows when Author says to the inspector "Look here inspector, im half a mind to report you.... He wrote the play in 1945 and set it in 1912 because he wanted people to see what life was like when class divisions all looked down on each other and politics was a big role in society. [tags: Papers] - Comparison of The Attitudes Of Arthur Birling And Sheila Birling From An Inspector Calls by J. B Priestley to put across his message to the audience.

[tags: Character Analysis] - The Birling Family as a Family with Bitter, Hard Personalities Throughout the play the Birling family are portrayed in two different ways by the two different generations of the family.

The family consists of four members: Arthur Birling, " the hard headed business man " of the family, Sybil Birling, the punctual wife and their two children, Sheila who is in her late twenties and Eric who is in his mid-twenties.

We will learn in this essay how each family member is a contributor to the death of an innocent person, Eva Smith and also how the inspector inspects the family using his power not physically but verbally and how he does the inspection.... This mean there is Dramatic Irony over Birling ‘s comment about war.

The plot concerns Eva Smith a working class girl who commits sucide.

Priestly message to the audience is that everyone in society is responsible for their own actions and the way in which they affect others.... Two years before the First World War 1912 was a time when the country was split by class divisions.

People with wealth had power over the lower classes in the social hierarchy....


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