Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay Conclusion

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay Conclusion-2
Historically, the war is as a result of the mandate the British government was given to rule Palestine after the First World War (Amidror).There was commitment to the Jewish nation in the mandate where they were to become part of the territory.

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This shows that these countries are in support and favor of Israel, and therefore the Palestinians are considered to be rebels.

Based on the support that the Israelis are getting from the western countries, the rebels are forced to retaliate by inclining the war to continue.

The European Union is also conspicuously shown in the media headlines where it shows its hypocrisy in that they are using an approach of double speaking in the middle east particularly Palestine. It is further hypocrisy that their citizens are being allowed to enlist in the Israeli defense forces which is killing the Palestinian civilians.

The western governments are also providing the Israelis with military experts who are committing crimes against humanity in that the British government is turning a blind eye to criminal acts in the sense that its citizens fighting against the government of Syria are being detained, while on the other hand its citizens are fighting for Israel taking part in the same acts of crime.

of the Israelis, which led to the death of many civilians in Gaza.

Israel continues to get undeserved status through its relationship with the United States, and this is shown by the recent congressional bill that declares the strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel among other bills.

Any intervention from the military makes the weaker team to retaliate by attacking the civilians as a means of lashing back to the military, and this in more than one way increases the death rate.

This is because international intervention by supporting one side of the military makes the rebels to be bold in using dangerous weapons against their opponents and this may include innocent civilians.

Their fight for the Gaza strip has appealed to the great powers in the world who are trying to come up with a long lasting solution to the problem.

This is because the consequences associated with the war have taken a different turn in the sense that these impacts are affecting other nations besides Israel and Palestine.


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