Lean Problem Solving Techniques

However, we all know that in organizations with a strict hierarchy, it is a bit difficult to reach the higher management.This is why the whole organization should be familiar with the concept of lean thinking and be prepared to assists at any time.Sometimes this is challenging, but it can show how flexible an organization really is.

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Let’s now examine the different steps that comprise the A3 process.

First of all, you need to clarify the problem and briefly describe it.

The mentor’s role is to give directions and provoke the problem owner to find the solution, but not to give answers and propositions.

Last but not least, there are the responders or stakeholders.

However, if you decide to act fast and remove a problem as swiftly as possible, you may face the same issue over and over again.

Instead of fighting only the symptoms, you need to dig deeper and discover the root cause.

They are the third party, which is directly interested by the final results of the A3 project. Usually, there is a wide variety of stakeholders involved.

The problem owner needs to have access to all of them if needed.

Below you can find an A3 report example which most often will include the following steps: The A3 methodology is a lean thinking process where the problem owner should go through the different steps of the model until there is a proper solution to be implemented.

The owner needs to communicate actively with his colleagues and the mentor of the project.


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