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Consequently, too many distinct stages of the project (research, writing, editing, polishing) get compressed into a too short time period. To mitigate this risk, the following threshold dates are a paternalistic measure to keep you moving along.

But they also permit me to provide substantial and meaningful formative assessment and feedback.

As such it is fundamentally important that it be done carefully and thoughtfully. Indeed, you are welcome to submit more than just one section at this stage.

Indicate in bracketed comments what your plans are for incomplete subsections.2.

You will substantively engage with health law issues primarily during the process of using and responding to primary and secondary authorities in your own paper.

Major papers may seem like yet one more law school hoop to jump through.Obviously, the more complete and "finished" this substantive rough draft is, the less effort will be needed to mold it into the final draft.A good operating assumption is that the substantive rough draft is at least two-thirds of the way toward the finished product.3.While we have set a deadline for submissions, feel free to get a "curbside consult" or "bounce off" tentative ideas earlier. Your topic and claim may evolve over the course of the semester. This preliminary research will soon reveal the major issues and sub-issues included in your topic.Your bibliography should separately list: (a) primary legal authorities, (b) secondary legal authorities, (c) non-legal authorities, and (d) any materials that you have difficulty obtaining.Many of them find it difficult to choose a topic and end up giving much time and effort into a paper that only serves as a means to get their degree, with almost no subsequent applications.But when there is so much energy invested in the thesis, why not choose a topic that will, on the top of gaining you a diploma, benefit and help someone else?We understand that it is not an easy thing to come up with a good research topic for your research work or project.We have a team that has vast experience with research and writing and therefore able to help.I understand that you may not yet have read or even obtained all these sources.I further understand that you will identify additional sources during the process of writing and editing. While you are only submitting a bibliography at this stage, you should already be writing your paper.


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