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Have students write a report or give a presentation on how these tribes are active and viable today.Have students write a letter to Thomas Jefferson describing in detail three things found in their immediate surroundings that would be unknown to him.What would students choose to send to Jefferson as examples of their current culture that he would not have seen before? Lead a discussion with students about the challenges encountered by the members of the Expedition.

Convey the life lessons you learned through your job, the obstacles you overcame, and the relevance to your future ambitions.We hope our breakdown of the prompt has helped clarify your ideas on how to answer the prompt, and we wish you the best of luck with your application to Clark University!Looking for further help in the college application process?Check out our database of the 2017-2018 essay prompts for the top 100 colleges and our free guide to approaching each prompt.If you’re interested in more personalized help, you can check out our College Apps Program, Essay Editing Program, or our Rapid Review Program, which provides comprehensive essay revisions and feedback on your essay within 48 hours from our Elite Essay Specialists.Have students research the importance of buffalo to Native American people and have students create masks of buffalo or other animals of the Great Plains.Native American tribes were very important to the Expedition.In a culminating project, they apply their understanding of trade concepts to design a product that offers advice to traders who follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark.Plants In this unit, students in grades 4-6 learn how Lewis and Clark and American Indians used plants to cure and heal, discover how many products we use today derive from plants, and create simple herbal remedies.This past year, Clark accepted 55% of its 7,914 applicants through the Common Application.(Check out our post on how to write the Common App essays.) If you’ve set your sights on Clark University, our College Vine team is here to guide you through their application essay prompt! Founding a club, program, or organization: This demonstrates your initiative and ambition, as well as a high level of commitment in the area.


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