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Drawing on multiple data gathering methods, we merge qualitative and quantitative information to illustrate the situated and goal driven nature of information gathering and consumption process.Recent statistics indicate that Google has become the search interface of choice for many faculty and students to address their information needs, far exceeding their use of library catalogs or other online citation databases (Griffiths and Brophy, 2005).An international survey (OCLC, 2005) reports that 89 percent of information searches undertaken by college students begin with a search engine and Google is the overwhelming favorite (68 percent).Although our study applies to research engines in general, we intend to focus specifically on the Google search engine, as it is the most commonly used search environment, as also confirmed by the data gathered for this study.Research goals and questions As Jansen, (2008) point out, in order for search engines to improve, we need to expand our understanding of user behavior and the underlying intent with which users conduct searches.As described in the research methodology section, we are also interested in comparing various data–gathering methods in order to assess the unique strengths of each strategy in shedding light on diverse aspects of human-information interactions.Internet search engines increasingly serve as the first option for people who want to find information.Search engine use is an as the manifestation of an information seeker’s query that determines the information–seeking action [1].As Kim (2009) concludes in his study, in order to expand our understanding of users’ interactions with search engines, we must expand our knowledge of the search context and associated tasks.Marchionini points out that the initial search engine research focal point has been on increasing efficiency, precision, and the recall capacities of search engines [2].Such research findings have not only benefited searchers through improved search algorithms and interfaces but also have supported the commercial sector by improving the accuracy of advertisement placement and other online e–commerce activities.


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