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In a new home, though, we get to start afresh, create a new system.It can be tedious and tempestuous but it’s ultimately cathartic. Anyway, so I spent my Superbowl Sunday organizing the most important section of any critic’s collection: literary criticism and biography.They act slowly, being afraid to reduce sales volumes of printed books.

Amazon, which is one of the biggest world companies, focuses on e-books greatly and digitalizes books with a specific emphasis on Kindle series.

When speaking about the future of reading such e-books, it is also important to mention that writing will change as a result.

According to the conservative forecast, by 2016, a half of the people who read will begin to read on their own electronic readers.

However, it is important to mention that not many people read; for instance, in America, half of the population does not read at all.

A strong argument in favor of keeping paper books is the sensation they give, like different experiences when touching paper pages and so on.

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Those experiences are absent in e-books with their smooth plastic or glass covers.

But whatever the reason, I thought I’d put together a list of the criticism that I most admire and to which I repeatedly refer.

This is, of course, an extremely limited list, taken exclusively from books I own.

Thus, people will be able to use hyperlinks or become co-authors, which was not possible before.

Also, the changes transform the book phenomena in a new reality, presenting users with updated possibilities in such spheres as bookmarks, libraries, donative inscriptions, donation and borrowing books, thus making the entire reading and writing process digital.


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