Literature Review Types

It is not unusual for this type of review to take 18-24 months. There are many types of bias, including selection, performance, & reporting bias, and assessing the risk of bias of individual studies is an important part of your study design. Finding what works in health care: standards for systematic reviews.

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Before you start your literature search focusing on scholarly writings and original research studies, ask yourself if you are ready.

Do you know the topic of your research well enough to get started?

The literature included in such a review may be in any format; one can therefore include books and grey literature as well as journal articles.

Investigation in a narrative review is iterative and for each re-reading of the literature the interpretation should be deepened. 93), a good narrative review would challenge arguments, identify and resolve contradictions, challenge propositions, and reach its conclusions through reasoning, usually through a rigorous conceptual analysis.

Specifically refers to review compiling evidence from multiple reviews into one accessible and usable document.

Focuses on broad condition or problem for which there are competing interventions and highlights reviews that address these interventions and their results.The systematic review has the potential of being interventionistic because it can aid in decision making in many areas and levels of society.The narrative review is the classic literature review and is a long-standing tradition in research.The book "Crisis communication: Theory and practice" written by A. Zaremba provides an overview of the topic "crisis communication". Another book "The handbook of crisis management" edited by W. The University of Warwick has created a helpful methodology template. A protocol is used to determine what is & is not included in the search.Do you have the time that it takes to properly conduct a systematic review? Systematic reviews are often used as the foundation for a meta analysis (a statistical process that combines the findings from individual studies) & to re-evaluate clinical guidelines.A narrative review can examine many topics; one would expect the narrative reviewer to read widely and use literature from across subject disciplines.In this type of review, it would be possible, and maybe even expected, to include historical and philosophical perspectives.Check the guidelines or criteria that have been set by your supervisor so you know what is expected of you. Because your research question determines the search strategy, inclusion & exclusion criteria, & data that you extract from the selected studies, your question should be specific and clearly defined A protocol identifies the steps in the process, beginning with why the search needs to be done and including inclusion & exclusion criteria, limits, & more. A systematic review is a comprehensive literature search that tries to answer a well-defined question (often using the PICO model) & uses existing research as evidence.


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