Malcolm X Vs Mlk Essay

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From then on, he was driven by hatred and a desire for revenge.Malcolm X was critical of the methodical, slow approach that Martin Luther King was taken to end segregation.Malcolm dropped out of school after graduating from junior high school at the top of his class.

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Malcolm X did not condone the unwarranted use of violence as a tool of resolution, but he did not speak out against its use.

Malcolm X's strategy of selective nonviolence shows the passions that he felt to bring about an answer to the racism blacks were facing.

Martin then married Coretta Scott in 1955 and into the family born two sons and two daughters. They believed in this dream so strongly they sacrificed their lives for it.

Malcolm married on January 14, 1958 to Betty Sanders and later had six daughters. Today, both men's legacy lives on and is being carried out by their loved ones.

King attended segregated local public grammar schools in Georgia and graduated from high school at the age of fifteen after being skipped two grade levels.

King then enrolled in Morehouse University in 1944 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.His mother, Louise Norton Little, was a homemaker who stayed occupied with the family’s eight children.His father, Earl Little, was an outspoken Baptist minister and avid supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey.The early background of Malcolm X was a large factor responsible for the distinct different responses to racism.His house was burned by the Ku Klux Klan, which resulted in the murder of his father.King was renamed “Martin” when he was about six years old. They had the same goal in mind about Black respect and pride, but were different in addressing their message.Malcolm considered “Little” a slave name and chose the “X” to signify his lost tribal name (Rummel 157). Personally, the life of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King has inspired me.and Malcolm X were largely responsible for the distinctly varying responses to American racism.The early backgrounds of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.He did not go out and seek violence, but under some circumstances, he felt blacks would be justified in retaliation. He persuaded his followers to press the issue and take the rights that blacks deserved.


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