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Introduction The demand for broadband access everywhere is increasing rapidly as Internet services, enterprise as well as private, are getting more and more reliable, secure and easy to use.

Consumers and patrons want to access Internet services at an affordable price with an acceptable, relevant performance and speed.

Also, the effect of varying different modulation and coding scheme (AMC), uplink/downlink subchannel ratio and uplink/downlink symbol ratio on the performance metrics are elaborated.

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Main purpose of this thesis is to analysis Wireless Networking Using by Wi MAX.

In this paper, an Integrated Wi MAX-DSRC cellular network is proposed in which clustering technique is applied in enhancing the throughput of the users.

The performance metric taken here for analysis is the throughput of the system and its expression is derived.

Report focus on about Wi MAX technology which brings true broadband connectivity to vertical applications and Qo S allows operators to offer prioritized access and SLAs and single wireless interface supports voice and data services, all these are Wi MAX feature.

By Wimax customers get range of technology and service level choices from both fixed and wireless broad band operators.


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